Hippo History

Creating the Hippos

In August of 2021, we set out to create the best possible collection of 10k high-resolution, randomized, generative Hippos as NFTs. Hand drawn with love by our creator and illustrator, Brigitte Cronje.

Brigitte spent over five hundred hours illustrating the Hippos in ProCreate while working fifty hour work weeks as a teacher in Cape Town, South Africa. 

We partnered with the Bueno team to build our website, write a super optimized smart contract, and a minting flow with minimal gas fees.

Brigitte as a Hippo
Brigitte Cronje
Creator, founder and illustrator extraordinaire
Waldo as a Hippo
Waldo Broodryk
Developer and Community
Darrenso as a Hippo
Darren Bothe
Quality Assurance
Darrenso as a Hippo
Discord Community Manager
Social Media Manager

Special note about the mint

Upon minting the Hippos, we minted 200 Hippos to our Team Wallet for giveaways and to give to team members and moderators as we expand. Upon minting, we realized that every single Hippo had a nose ring (we about lost it as thought it was impossible to change), but we hadn't released the contract for anyone else to mint, yet. So we pushed a Metadata and image update where we increased the rarity of the nose ring traits so that they didn't show up with every Hippo.

Then we regenerated and re-uploaded our artwork and metadata to the blockchain. We're MUCH happier with the end result of the generated NFTs (which are still fully randomized with over 472,744,698,165,618,000,000,000.00 Hippo variants possible, or forty-seven septillion two hundred and seventy-four sextillion four hundred and sixty-nine quintillion eight hundred sixteen quadrillion five hundred and sixty-one trillion eight hundred billion).

It was near the end of December, we were quite exhausted, we made the call to each rest after a very long year, with a number of challenging life experiences, including the loss of a loved one.

We set up our Discord with the help of the Bueno Team to ensure a safe and secure experience for everyone that joined. Some may recall that 2021 had a rampant amount of Discord hacks which negatively impacted communities. So we took every measure possible to prevent those issues.

We also wanted to create a space where we can have fun, tell stories and share art together. So Brigitte created our Discord Stickers and Emojis.

As of February 16, 2022, we dropped our mint price down to .035 ETH from the original .05 ETH, and we airdropped everyone that had minted at .05 ETH the difference (transaction links in Discord).

Mint a Hippo Now!!
Beaves as a Hippo
Community and Moderation
Some stickers from the Hippos Discord

We're starting an interactive children's eBook series

We care deeply about the youth, So we're creating experiences which inspire and teach kids about kindness, generosity, love, caring, problem solving. and other ways to be better humans.

It's our dream to inspire children and families to dream big about the possibilities of what we can do with our lives.

Our first eBook is about kindness and generosity.
Slated to launch by the end of March, 2022.

Read a Heart of Gold
Children's Book Mockup

The Hippos are here to:

Bring loved ones together, through stories, art, and lots of cheer

Support educators, far and near

Create art together, we’ll give you the tools and gear

Support our Hippo Holders, each and every year

Brigitte as a Hippo

What's Ahead

We're giving away over 100 Hippos the next 3 months (February - May) in contests and drawings. Many of these will be on Twitter and in Discord.

The Helping Hippos Fund

15% of our mint + at least 10% of royalties will go towards our fund. We’d love to support educators and students with these funds and we want to help you make a difference in your communities with these funds

✅ Merch to Match

We're releasing over 20 different clothing items with merchandise to match your hippos in our store. Feel free to request more merch items in Discord.

Hippo Dress Up

✅ Holiday Dress Up
✅ Valentines Day
⬜ Easter
⬜ Hippos travel the world
⬜ Hippos through the Ages
⬜ Community ideas

Story Contests

We want to tell stories together, and we hope to write a few stories together which help make this world a better place.

Backstory contest (Dates TBD)

1st Place: A custom Book Cover for that Hippo + a new Hippo to go with it
2nd place: A sticky note NFT + a Hippo
3rd place: A Hippo NFT

Hippos meet Hippos story contest (Dates TBD)

We have these three Hippos, Your hippo meets them, tell us their story.
Winners get the Hippo which they wrote the story about.

Hippo Hero story contest (Dates TBD)

Turn your Hippo into a super hero!!!
1st Place: A custom illustration of their Hippo in a costume as an NFT
2nd Place: A logo for your Hippo NFT
3rd Place: Sticky note NFT

Minting milestones:

1000 minted:
Brigitte goes full-time, and we're giving our first donation to educators.
2500 minted:
First Airdrop to all holders
5000 minted:
Start Hippos through the ages & costume contest
7500 minted:
25 unique custom illustrations of you (the holder) as a Hippo on a canvas for winners.

The Future

The Bopping Birds

Once we've minted out, we'll begin work on the Bopping Birds, the companions of the Hippos, Hippos need their companions, we're very excited for these.

Hippo Backstory:

Every Hippo has a backstory, we're building a space for you to write those and share them with your Hippos (the stories will travel with your Hippo as they exchange hands over time),